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Caroline Atleo, Manager


Luke Swan, Manager

Operations & Maintenance

Alec Dick, Manager

Social Development

Robert Atleo, Manager

Chah Chum Hii Yup Tiic Miss / Medical

Julia Atleo, Manager

Administration & Finance

Anne Atleo, Manager of Administration
Noreen Paul, Manager of Finance

Click here to download the 2016 Fall Community Presentation

List of APPROVED Projects Ahousaht Administration is working on:
WWTP: Waste Water Treatment Plant ($10.5 million), Design is underway, with Construction set to start in 2017-18
Solid Waste Collection INI ($345,000) project design to begin January 2017, estimated completion tied to WWTP
Anderson Creek Waterline Replacement ($1.6 million), design began September 2016, estimated completion September 2017
*repair, replacement, and/or twinning of the water treatment intake and outflow lines approved at concept stage January 2017

Roads Paved and Drainage for all unpaved areas of the village ($5.5 million), set to begin April 2017, estimated completion Nov 2017
High Speed Internet connectivity to all houses and buildings ($850,000), design began Nov 2016, estimated completion Nov 2017

Four unit Teacherage ($731,500) project began October 2016, estimated completion April 2017
Six unit Housing Complex ($1,530,000) project design completed Nov 2016, construction begin Jan 2017, est. completion April 2017

Skateboard Park ($150,000) project began September 2016, estimated completion February 2017
Chachimhyiip Medical & Social Development Seismic Upgrade and Building Expansion ($3 million) Approved, start date: TBD
Main Dock Lighting: ($150,000) project began October 2016, estimated completion February 2017

School Gym Seismic Upgrade ($810,000) TBD
Elementary School Roof ($1.35 million), TBD

List of FNIIP Projects Ahousaht Administration is working on submitting, resubmitting and/or following up on:
New Cemetery ($600,000)
Spiritual Place ($1 million)
Adult Learning Center ($750,000)
Community Resource Center ($500,000)
Baseball Field ($100,000)
Replacement Fire Truck and Equipment ($319,000)
* O&M Funding, ongoing and past years, for fire hall
Safe Home for Women & Children ($450,000)
Community Garden (for growing food; $50,000)
New Elementary School Feasibility Study
Long Term Care Facility
Thunderbird Hall Upgrades ($387,000)

Other Projects Ahousaht Administration is currently working on:
Newsletter, printed & deliverable to all households, website, email etc, content pulled from all departments
Subdivision recovery
New P&ID Project Position Compensation & Job Descriptions – Start in January 2017
Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) – Guy Louie; Ahousaht and other community dates Jan & Feb 2017
Funeral policy
Wireless Project – tie to cellular tower expansion
Housing policy rewrite (Rob taking over Nov 2016)
Audit 2017/18 Preparation: GST, Bank Reconciliations, Remote Approvals, Direct Deposit & more
Membership Meetings, scheduled for January and February 2017
Community Meetings, scheduled for March 2017
AFC Audit, ongoing
Ahousaht Pride sale, ongoing 
Strategic Planning Review February 2017 with Chief & Council

Approved Projects

Waste Water Treatment Plant

$10.5 Million project designed to ensure the waste and sewage that goes out to the ocean is as clean as drinking water. The plant will be built to support Ahousaht’s current and growing population for the next 20 years. Located near the current waste transfer station, near the old sawmill site, the plant is currently in the design stage and is scheduled to begin construction in 2017-18.


$750,000 four unit one level housing complex for teachers working at AEA. Featuring two two-bedroom units and two one-bedroom units, this will be built on the north end of the subdivision just to the east of the round about.

Skateboard Park

With donations of over $30,000 in cash and more in services, time and materials, the SKateboard park is scheduled to break ground in late October 2016. Located beside the Youth Center, near the beach, this park will be used by the youth of Ahousaht for generations to come.

New 8 Unit Housing Multiplex

$1.5 Million eight unit housing multiplex, with four two bedroom and four three bedroom units, each with its own exterior access, private secure storage (with room for a freezer) and parking. New offices for the Housing Department will be built as part of this complex allowing us to renovate the existing Housing Offices into a rentable 4 bedroom home for rent.

Construction is scheduled to begin in late 2016 and will be built on one of the large lots in the middle of the subdivision.

New Watermain Pipeline

$1.5 Million replacement of the Anderson Creek water line that feeds our water reservoirs and water treatment plant.

Elementary School Roof & Gym Seismic Upgrade

New roof for the elementary school and a seismic upgrade for the gym.

Wifi / Cellular Connectivity

$850,000 project with the intent to bring broadband high speed internet to all of Maaqtusiis from the Main Dock to the subdivision, to Happy Hill and the School (and all places in between). Pathways to Technology has committed to installed internet cable to all houses and buildings. Ahousaht will partner with Telus to provide all residents, businesses, offices and schools internet as close to cost as possible.

Chah Chum Hii Yip Tich Miss Expansion

Budget still being finalized. This project will seismically upgrade the existing building plus add additional square footage approximately doubling the space.

Paved Roads and Drainage

Paving of all roads in Ahousaht and drainage plan to take place after the sewage and internet cabling work has been completed. Estimated start date of mid to late 2017.